Monday, April 7, 2014

My series

All That Remains: 

A whole new me book 1

17 year old girl Azalea Green isn't your typical girl but compared to the people she finds and meets she's perfectly normal, maybe too normal. Will Azalea finally open up her heart though she's unfamiliar on how to do just that or will she stay oblivious to the world and people around her, or will one boy turn her world upside down?

All That Remains: 

Strangers Feeling book 1 pt. 2

Llorel is the man that every one is afraid of everyone except Azalea. He doesn't know why she isn't afraid of him after he ruined her life. She's the only one who gets the privilege to think he's a monster but she doesn't and he's finding it really hard to hate her for it. Now he's starting to question himself as well. Now that Azalea is 18 and she's in college (If you could even call it that) when will Llorel finally come to his senses and stop proving to everyone that he is indeed the monster they all think he is?

All That Remains: 

Main Attraction book 2

Secrets, lies and even more secrets. Maybe Llorel is the monster he's been accused of being too much of his past is coming into play and Azalea doesn't know what to believe. There is no line separating the truths and the lies she's been fed. Llorel only seems to be making it worse once he catches sight of Dez {Azalea's cousin} with a friend from the past named Ash and Azalea with a mysterious boy named Rush who Llorel is sure he's never even seen before. 

All That Remains: 

Myth Academy book 3

Work in progress ~ No summary yet provided.